Review: Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand

Stephen Watson
June 11, 2020

The Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand £24.99 from Amazon 

With more and more mobile phones having wireless charging as standard you might be on the lookout for a good wireless charger. We have reviewed many wireless charging products with the latest from Belkin. 

The Belkin Boost Up Wireless charging stand comes in at £24.99 currently from Amazon is what we have been reviewing. The main features of this stand is that you can charge in portrait or landscape mode, offers fast universal charging and most Apple & Samsung products but also available for most other devices like Huawei smartphones and also any other smartphone accessory that are QI enabled. This Stand also offers a guaranteed 10W of charge power compared to other wireless charging products on the market.

Although Belkin states its a 10W charger you will only ever get up to 7.5W due to that being the max charging speed for an iPhone X or above.  When testing this charger out you get to 40%  in just under an hour charging but that would increase quickly if you use the aeroplane mode charging hack. You will notice that it also allows you to charge a Samsung S9 and above and as Samsung has a higher charge speed you will get a better result. 


Design-wise i really like the Boost Up wireless charging stand as it offers a stand-style wireless charging device that has the iPhone design in mind. You can place your phone either Portrait or Landscape orientation allowing you to watch a film of just keep the phone safe if on your desk. This is done with the use of a plastic frame to hold the phone upright and the charging surface of the stand is just a bit bigger than the pad’s surface.   

Front of the charger

Back of the charger

The frame extends a few inches behind the charger and about 1 inch in front to provide stability. You will also notice on the feet you have a rubber material to keep it in place. On the front of the charger, it has a silicone style material to also allow for added grip if you had slight bumps. When the phone on charge you will also see two LED’s on the charging stand and you will only see one depending on the orientation of the phone. When the light is on that is an indication your phone on charge.

The charger also comes with a 22.5W adapter and power cord that comes with the charging pad I did find the cable a little short where I wanted to charger but on the whole, it was not a major issue. When testing this charger with a variety of different cases as long as your case is up to 3mm in thickness then the phone charger will work. In this review, I used my Tech21 Liberty London case and it charged fine.

So overall, I liked the Belkin Boost Up wireless charging stand as it did charge my phone faster than most other chargers I have used. Also, it was impossible to place your phone on a wrong spot as it charged any every time I placed the phone on the charger which is deal if using it before you head to bed. The upright position allows you to use face ID to unlock the phone if you need to.  I found being able to place my phone on landscape orientation made it easy to watch a film on my phone in bed and also giving the phone a constant charge. For the Price of £24.99, it’s hard to find thought with this charger well done Belkin.

Product Rating: 5 Stars

The Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand £24.99 from Amazon 

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