Review: Groov-e Wireless Car Mount with Auto Grip

Stephen Watson
March 27, 2020

UK Brand Groov-e has brought out its wireless car mount with auto grip. Costing £29.99 from the Groov-e website. The car mount detects and adjusts to the size of your device and with 360-degree rotation for viewing and charging.

This wireless charger comes in black and is Qi-compatible meaning most new iPhones or Andriod models that are compatible for wireless charging. 

The main features of this car mount are: 

  • The infrared auto grip system
  • Qi-Compatible
  • Portrait or landscape mode
  • 360-degree rotation 
  • Non- Slip grip holds the phone securely 
  • LED Indicator
  • USB-C Powered.

The star attraction of this device is the auto grip as there is a sensor that detects the phone your using and closes onto the device. I found this very useful as me and my girlfriend share a car and she a Samsung user and am an iPhone user and this car mount suits us both. Charging wise you get a 10W charging output that recharges your phone nicely on the road. 

In the box, you get the charger, USB-C cable and Air Vent and window mounts. 

Set up is very easy to pick the type of mount for your car and plug the USB cable into the charger and your car cigarette lighter and away you go ready to charge. You will see an LED light which indicates when your phone is being charged.   

Overall this is a very basic looking charger but sometimes simple is better what I like about is the infrared auto grip system which means we can use multiple phones in the same charger.  The only negative is if you have a phone that does not come with Qi compatibility then this car mount will not charge your phone but if you need a car mount to use in portrait or landscape its ideal for using sat-nav on a long trip. 

If your looking for a car mount that has wireless charging and the type of mount suitable for multiple phones this is ideal as the infrared auto grip system is a very clever system. 

The Groov-e wireless car mount costs £29.99 from

Overall Rating – 4.5 Stars

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