Device Review: House of Marley Positive Vibration XL

Saf Malik
October 31, 2019

An affordable alternative to the wireless headphone market available in black, copper and navy colourways at for £99.99

Adding to the ever-expanding wireless
headphone market is the latest entry from House of Marley – the
first FSC-certified electronics company in the USA.

The Positive Vibration XL headphones are an affordable alternative to some of the other ridiculously priced earbuds and headphones on the market today. They currently retail at different prices depending on where you look with the price listed at £99.99 on the House of Marley website and at £79.99 on Argos.

House of Marley has presented eco-friendly and sustainable products in partnership with the family of Bob Marley and the Positive Vibration XL headphones are no different. All of their products are sustainably crafted from bamboo, certified wood, and recyclable materials but still manage to make environmentally friendly look great.

The Positive Vibration XL come in a funky blue denim colour with the logo painted on either side in a light wooden colour reflecting the eco-friendly ethos of the brand. I had no problems connecting the headphones to my iPhone XR and the connection worked great from quite a distance. I tested the strength of the connection by leaving my phone in the living room and going to various places in my house and the sound quality was largely great until I went upstairs.

The value for money is fantastic on the Positive Vibration XL, with loud and clear sound quality and it was perfect for working or my morning commute. The noise cancellation of the headphones is great which is expected for headphones the size of the Positive Vibration XL. The annoying sound of cackling metal on the central line was completely wiped out during my journey to work.

The battery life is exceptional. They
lasted 24 hours after being fully charged and the rapid charging
feature is a nice touch, particularly for headphones under £100. I
was pleasantly surprised when they lasted me three full working days
without me having to charge them at all, something I don’t get with
my Apple AirPods which don’t last half as long and often need to
return to their charging case twice throughout the day.

The headphones felt great on the occasions I wore them and they are super comfortable for when I was in the office for hours at a time. I would wear them for hours at a time and they didn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable at any point during the day.

While the fit of the headphones is
great and feels comfortable, on the odd occasion they feel unstable
and sometimes are at risk of slipping off. This is a very minor
criticism but I wouldn’t necessarily use them when going for a jog or
doing anything past going to the gym.

There is an integrated mic on the
headphones that sounded unclear at times, but the headphones aren’t
built for phone calls. Again a minor setback for headphones that
deliver quality sound and cost so little compared to others currently
on the market.

Overall the headphones are a great option for those not willing to spend anything over £100 on headphones and with the latest AirPods retailing for £249, the Positive Vibration XL are a great alternative and perfect for a Christmas gift.

Positive Vibration XL is available now in black, copper and navy colourways at for £99.99

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