Alesis iO Dock II Review

Thomas Wellburn
October 15, 2015

Cheapest Price: 129.00

Availability: iOS only

The Alesis iO Dock II is a direct successor to the first iteration and on passing glance, you’d be hard pressed to see any difference. On the rear we find that the video out jack has disappeared, which could be a concern for those who want to see things on the big screen. On the plus side, the connector has been altered to function much like the iO Mix. This allows it to be compatible with far more Ipad devices, though newer models won’t exactly fit correctly. On the topic of fit, even older generation Ipads feel somewhat loose when inside the iO Dock. It’s lucky that the device remains most of its life in a stationary position on the table, as I’d be worried about my precious tablet falling out otherwise.

Connectivity options more than make up for this however, with two microphone inputs, phantom power and USB/MIDI connectivity. The latter is an excellent addition that allows the use of external hardware such as a keyboard or synthesizer. It’s even possible to use it as a MIDI controller within a desktop environment, as I discovered when I used it within Cubase to control a soft-synth. With regards to preamp quality and overall sound it’s almost identical to the iO Mix, which is no bad thing either.

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