Back to School Special : SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive-Review

Stephen Watson
September 4, 2018

So Small its got massive potential at £7.99 from Amazon

Here at What Mobile, we get asked to review all sorts of products and recently I was asked would you like to review a number of useful products for these going back to school or off to Uni. Yes, Parents, it’s nearly time to celebrate!

One of the back to school essentials I was asked to review is the Sandisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive and I know what you’re thinking what can you say about a flash drive? Here goes€¦

So on the first inspection, this flash drive is tiny but you will be surprised with how much storage you get 32 GB for something so small.  This flash drive is just like the film of the same name fast you can download a full film on the drive in under 30 sec and if you’re using it for that dissertation you will be spoilt for space. The packaging is clear and informative for you to make sure you pick the right one and tells you all the details you need like it holds up to 32GB of space and has a speed up to 130 MB/S. It also tells you it’s up to 15 times faster than a USB 2.0.  

On the back of the packing, it tells me the Flash drive can be used both Windows and Mac systems which I think is a bonus as personally I use this for work and have to use both a Mac & PC and for it to work on both is an advantage.

In design well there, not a whole lot I can say apart from it being tiny it has the company logo on the front of its plastic body and the relevant info on the back such as the regulatory logo. One thing I did really like is at the top they have made space for you to be able to add it on a lanyard.  The downside is if you do not carry this on a lanyard there a high chance you will lose this so be careful.

You can use this in most USB ports on the computer or even the TV which makes storing films on this a real bonus. Now if you’re going to store files you get the bonus of the secure access software which allows you to encrypt the drive to 128-bit specifications which if you wanted to store music it’s also a good product to have.

So overall this flash drive will store lots and fast and being so small having it in your laptop won’t look big and bulky and considering you can store 32GB you simply cannot go wrong storage wise and for £7.99 it’s a great deal to be had. So if you want to store a film or all that homework in one tiny place this is the flash drive for you.

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