With girls of a certain age getting weak at the knees in cinemas for a glittery vampire this summer, it seems fitting that a game based around the grizzled original vampire hunter, Van Helsing, should be released on the App Store.

Helsing’s Fire is part puzzle and part action game in which the legendary Dracula hunter has to combine lighting up monsters with torches and throwing the correct tonic to ‘cure’ them.

What starts as a simple act of tapping gets gradually harder, faster and more complicated as the levels progress, with each monster requiring a different tactic to defeat.

It can become a little too frenetic at times and end up more reliant on reactions than logic, however the interesting gameplay and value for money – 90 levels plus a survival mode – make Helsing’s Fire a good choice for those sick of glittery moping kids.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Platform iPhone / iPod Touch

Price £0.59

From App Store

Publisher Clickgamer

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