Samsung Galaxy Ace Review


Samsung is adding models to its Galaxy family thick and fast, and here’s one that looks like a cut-down Galaxy S.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is one of four siblings in the mid-range Galaxy family launched at the start of the year. It packs lots in for an affordable package.

The Galaxy Ace squeezes in Android 2.2 OS, Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 UI and is powered by a 800MHz processor. The screen is 3.5-inches in size and the phone has a 1,350mAh battery. Surprisingly, for its mid-range price, it also has a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash.

The Galaxy Ace’s uncanny resemblance to the Galaxy S makes it look and feel like a high-end device and the textured back is a nice addition. The rubbery feel makes it more secure in the hand, and while the Galaxy Ace isn’t as slim as the Galaxy S, it is hardly thick at 11.5mm.

That said, the Galaxy Ace feels rather plasticky and not that solid. As for the inside, there are a couple of additions to the native Android OS as part of the TouchWiz UI. Firstly, the task manager widget allows you to close applications running in the background that might suck unnecessary battery life. There are also up to seven home screens, which can be removed and customised to suit your needs.

The GPS performance is good too, with a quick fix time and no issues when using Google’s Navigation app to drive home. However, using things like this do show that the 800MHz processor can sometimes lag. There’s a noticeable delay when flipping between home screens, loading web pages and looking through the media gallery, which is a pity.

Having said that, Samsung has built the phone to a price and so you will have to invest more in a faster model (either the current Galaxy S or the dual-core Galaxy S II) if you want to eliminate such slowdowns.

The camera quality is good too, considering the impressive camera sensor that it comes with, and the LED flash that works at short range to improve low-light photos. There are many scene modes to choose from, including party/indoor, fall colour, landscape, candlelight and text, all of  which work surprisingly well. Given the lower-resolution display (320×480 pixels, as against 480×800 pixels on the Galaxy S), you are better off looking at the pictures ona  computer.

One major gripe is the memory on board, or lack of, as there’s only 158MB of space to install apps. While you can install many apps to the memory card with Android 2.2, not all will work – especially many widgets. As a result, you will be limited on the number of apps and games you can install. The phone also comes with a rather tiny 2GB memory card out of the box, although you can add cards up to 32GB if you so desire.

For messaging, Samsung has included Swype and with a decent screen size, it’s easy to glide over the letters to enter words quickly. Of course, you can enter text the old fashioned way too.

It’s hard to imagine the Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S are in the same family, but despite some obvious compromises the basic core is there and the Ace offers most of the features for a lot less money.

Reviewed by: Natalia Angelo


If you’re in the market for a mid-range Samsung smartphone, with a decent camera, the Galaxy Ace could be for you. It packs in a lot for the money and is the star of the four new mid-range Android range. It can just about be looked upon as a mini Samsung Galaxy S, although Samsung now has the Galaxy S II with a newer version of the OS, dual-core processor and an updated TouchWiz user interface. The Galaxy Ace has a 800MHz processor and there is a trade-off in speed and performance, but we’re willing to accept this for the money you’ll save overall.

Ratings (out of 5)

Performance: 3
Features: 4
Usability: 4


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  • galaxy

    i give this phone a 8.5/10 .it has everything you need like the iPhone the apps are just perfect .i don't now what to say its great but just 2 things are messed up that dropped the phone.memory is bad i know but its enough i put 8 pages of apps and around 110 pics no prob . that's all you need .now the biggest problem the battery i don't understand how they say the battery of this phone is better than the iPhone but the first month i used this phone the battery lasted for around 15 hours know i kind of give the battery extra charge it lasts a hole day or 2 .but let me tell you do anything you want on the phone but dont spend more than 2hr of gaming on the phone.but i say for price this company in making phones it will beat apple.i say only 1 competitor the iphone but i say galaxy ace wins.

  • asd

    Really wanna gt this fne, from what I heard its a DON

  • Did a review of the galaxy ace myself and loved it. Gave it an 8/10. I would have given it a nine but I think the materials it is made of are not as good as those of the latest HTC range. If i was in the market for a smartphone now it would be HTC all the way, having said that the Samsung range (ace included) usually come with better deals.

  • Nas

    Lack of I Player is not a problem. Yuo can download an app which will get you access. It worked on my LG Optimus about a year ago.

  • Paul

    Lets get some things straight here ….. at the this price, the Galaxy Ace is a steal. This is my first Andriod phone (after using a Nokia Music Express, this is light years ahead!) and I have to say I'm impressed. Myself, I'm a light user ….. though the phone package i've managed to get would'nt say that (lol), I have a few friends with Iphones that are well impressed (and the fact that they've been stung with a completely stupid price for the contract makes this even more appealing!). OK, its no Iphone – but when you get at least 90% of the features, its a no brainer ,,,,,, Apple had better drop their prices – Android phones are DEFINATETLY on the up!

    And who gives a monkets about IPlayer ,,,,,,, i mean, i'd rather watch TV on a TV (lol) !

    • zac

      lol i would aswell but i really want the galaxy ace but i have heard some rumers about the battery life could u please email me with ur surgestion on what it is like at i would really appreciate it incase i get a phone that dosnt even hold enough power to last 1 day

  • krf

    Best in its Class? It won't even get BBC Iplayer. Has put me off Samsung for life!

    • Rei

      And how many people in the entire world actually use BBC iPlayer? It may be an issue for you and a few thousands of people, but for the rest of humanity it's a moot point. As a mid-range phone it's one of the best in the market.

  • delorean

    I give the Samsung Galaxy Ace, 4 of 5 stars — SUPERB phone !!

    It is simply the best in its class — all the best features, for a reasonable price. Anyways, I always wanted something faster than 600 mhz (too basic) but not as expensive as 1 Ghz (I am a light user). So 800 mhz is just perfect, plus the 3.5″ screen is just ideal size for putting inside my bag or jeans pocket. The inclusion of the 5mp camera with flash is just WONDERFUL, and really convinced me to buy this phone.

    I also noticed the slight lag when swiping across screens, but otherwise the performance is fast. The internet connects rapidly, my apps download quickly, and I can edit my docs quickly too via ThinkFree. Even the camera shot-to-shot time is short, and the GPS can lock onto my location in 2 minutes or less. BTW, the GPS is more accurate in the Ace, than in the Galaxy 5. SMS sending is quick too.

    Overall, the ACE is a surprisingly EXCELLENT phone for the price.. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it !!!