Nokia E7 Review


Nokia has always had outstanding design and build quality with their Eseries devices, so with the E7 tipped as the new Communicator the question is; can it live up to high expectations – especially with all that has gone on recently?

Whilst the E7 doesn’t feature a 1GHz dual-core processor like many devices these days, it isn’t a deal breaker by any means as Nokia has done a great job running the Symbian platform for years on all types of handset, from top of the range Communicators to lower priced smartphones for the masses.

If you look at the E7 as being a N8 with a QWERTY keyboard bolted on, this is certainly not the case. The E7 is a device that stands on its own and as such is being classed as the next Communicator. We’ve not had one of these for a while, but the E90 (and it’s predecessors) have had a massive following over the years.

In a market being overrun with touchscreen devices being at the top, not everyone wants a purely touch-only device. This is where a QWERTY keyboard comes into play and there are not many better keyboards than the one found on the E7. Well spaced keys, good feedback on presses and the white letters on black keys (with a backlight) makes it easy to use any time of the day or night with ease. The only disappointment is that there isn’t a dedicated row for the numbers, as featured on the E90 and earlier Communicators.

The keyboard is very impressive in design, but so is the slider hinge used to access the keys, The N97 Mini had great design and the E7 takes it one step further. The opening of the keys is quite tough at the start but this gives you a feel of a strong design, and something which will not break easily. When the keyboard is open the screen is automatically tilted for the perfect viewing and typing angle, either in the hand or on a desk.

Nokia has taken feedback from their previous QWERTY slider phones and improved on the experience on the E7, for example there is no longer a navigation pad. Instead the touchscreen is used for navigation. They have also made the space bar larger and also in the centre now, with four keys either side making up the full keyboard. This, although simple, is something a lot of feedback was given on and it is good to see Nokia taking this into account.

The large 4-inch touch screen uses Nokia’s new technology called CBD (Clear Black Display) which helps with the screen contrast and also reducing the usual reflections on the screen, giving you blacker blacks which can really be noticed especially outdoors.

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  • THE WORST PHONE I HAVE EVER HAD. its one piece of junk de lux. nokia is going downhill and apple is taking over. if you want to buy rubish,buy the nokia E7,you will regret it for the rest of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Was a good phone in its day, but not without its problems…

  • jackie lee

    Jackie-My mobile accessory box did nt contain an instruction booklet, just a quick guide. I have the E7 from 02. They advised could get this on Nokia website but can find no information on there. Can you provide this?I am 67 years old and trying to keep up with modern technology so your help would be very much appreciated.

  • Marilyn

    With all the comments about the Nokia E7 why am i having so much trouble with my phone. The first one crashed i had to take it back , and i was given another one now the phone switched off and wont come back on.

  • taz

    Symbian once again. An old, clunky, and not fit for todays purposes operating system. Worked for Nokia for 8 years and i SOOOOO want them to come out with an iphone beater on android or WM7. Come on guys!! you can do better than regurgitate the Communicator !

    • Roger

      Totally disagree with you. I'm a mobile industry analyst and mobile software developer who's done professional studies of iPhone and Android and been involved with Symbian for longer than you worked for Nokia (which does not give you any qualifications for appreciating Symbian).

      Symbian easily surpasses other mobile OSes, being far more capable, efficient, feature packed, and helping better battery life than anything else on the market. What it does have is a less slick UI in some cases than some of it's competition. But there are numerous examples of Android and iPhone being slower, and more clunky than Symbian. I have heard of countless people believing the rubbish criticism of Symbian, and the hype about iPhone and Android (and the appalling Windows Phone) and jumping ship only to regret it heavily and return to Nokia Symbian phones once more.

      In short, people need to try things out and see what works for them. What's more with Nokia phones you're guaranteed great cameras, keyboards, battery life and signal quality. These are things Nokia phones beat all their rivals with by a LONG way. I have yet to see anything even come close to surpassing my Nokia N8.

      • suwas

        u are soo true dude.please help me out with this id is me any disadvantages if u knw about best brand has alwz been nokia only..

      • Its true, I am nokia user for last 10 years. They make excellent phones both hardware and software.
        Some guys only look for bright and chic displays without any thought for perfomance.

      • rob bond

        i LOVE my N8!amazing handset,admitedly,there are some quirks,but i still think of it as easily as good as an iphone,if not better,that said,i must admit that in all the years that iv used symbian nokia phones,i have always wanted them to be a little more "slicker" or if you like fashionable,lol.would love to see nokia update symbian a great deal so that their OS equaled their handsets

    • Rautis

      Symbian Series 60 was rubbish. Even the first ^3 wasn't too good either. Eversince Nokia announced the death of Symbian, it has developed more than ever before in Anna-Belle versions. Now being really properly good OS. After all this, it's actually shame people disliked Symbian, and Nokia have decided to get rid of it.

      Anyway, for me, as long as Nokia is the only one with free offline SatNav, i am not buyig anything else.

  • Robyn

    i want this phone but my mum says it's not that good. can i have a "out of 10" rating please?

    • Naresh

      I give it 8 out of 10.

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