• With mobile users looking for a quick fix for that age-old issue of a low battery companies have been making a wide range portable chargers and we have been lucky to review a power bank by Soda Says which can be found in Selfridges.

    This portable power bank is in the low price range only costing £30. The power bank is for these with a Micro-USB port on there phones but also comes with an iPhone lightning adapter and built-in USB port.

    The power bank has a soft touch plastic material making this nice to handle and is lightweight at only 98g and fits in your hand and more importantly, this would fit inside your inside pocket so you always have an instant boost. The Power bank also has 4 rows of LED lights to show how much charge you have to use.

    The Battery is a polymer lithium battery that gives you a 5000 mAh and 5V input.  This will give you 3 charges until you need to recharge it then it will take about 2 hours to recharge.

    I do like this product would I say its the best on the market at the price range I would say you would have a challenge to find something to beat it. My only issue is the iPhone lightning adapter might fall out when not in use and if you lose that you can kiss goodbye to charging your iPhone. However, As long as your careful this is a good little charger that can provide that helping hand when you need a boost.

    Available in 3 colours Blue, Green & Pink and available for £30 available from SodaSays.co.uk

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