• Available from Cygnett for £19.95

    I have been looking for a car mount for my car to hold my mobile phone so when Cygnett sent the MagMount+ car vent mount I was hoping my wishes had come true and I could finally have a mount for my mobile phone and gone of the days are balancing my phone in the dash.

    I find the need for this is when you’re using the GPS now most mounts on the market are either windscreen mount or air vent mount.  Cygnett MagMount + falls into the air vent mount  To use this you add a sticker provided on the phone if you’re not using a protective case and then connect to the mounting plate which you have put in the air vent.

    If you have a protective case you find a large metal mounting plate place this inside the case with your phone and then pop on the mount and you’re done. What you also get this the MagMount+ is the chance to position your phone to best suit the display with the 360° rotation. Make sure your phone is not any more than 250g

    Design wise it looks good but the performance of this product is when the disappointment happens now drive over a speed bump and watch your phone fall off.

    Completely disappointed and the hunt for a phone mount continue my advice save £20 on this product and invest in a better mount. 

    Stephen Watson

    Stephen Watson

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    Stephen Watson
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