In what is being called a world’s first, Suzy Levine has taken her oath to office as the new US ambassador to Sweden and Liechtenstein via a Kindle e-reader.

The electronic device, LeVine’s own, came pre-loaded with a copy of the US Constitution and was used at the ceremony as she was sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden.

A former Microsoft and Expedia executive and tech advocate, LeVine insisted that the use of the Kindle wasn’t a paid Amazon product placement.

Here’s what LeVine had to say about her decision to use the device, in her own words (although we must add that she never once used the Kindle brand name):

As you just saw, I chose to do my oath over an electronic copy of the Constitution on my e-Reader.   I did that for three reasons.

(One)  It was what I had

(Two) As cool as a copy of the Constitution from the 18th  century would have been, I wanted to use a copy that is from the 21st  century and that reflects my passion for technology and my hope for the future

(Three) Most importantly, it symbolizes for me the very best of our nation — especially around innovation, entrepreneurship and the voice that each of us has in our democracy. For example:

1.              Think about how forward thinking our founding fathers were when they penned the original document — designing something that could adapt to the changing needs and conditions in our great nation.   I love that, in the digital copy — it shows, in line, where amendments affect articles and sections and literally demonstrates the portability of the constitution.

2.              Or, think about how, instead of parchment and/or pages, I can have a full copy on a tiny little device designed and developed in the United States

3.              Or, how, through “highlights” that can be added to the digital text, every reader can add their voice— just as how the Constitution itself codifies that every individual has a voice in our nation.

In other words — as one of, if not THE first person to take this oath over an electronic device, I am honoring American Innovation, entrepreneurship and the fact that each citizen has a voice in our democracy — and more and more tools through which to make that voice heard!

So, there you go. With the ceremony having taken place on Friday, LeVine has already started in her new position as US ambassador to Sweden and Liechtenstein.

You can view a picture of the historic moment below via a tweet from the US Embassy in London.


Saqib Shah

Tech/gaming journalist for What Mobile magazine and website. Interests include film, digital media and foreign affairs.
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