Sony offers Notch free games, turns them down to buy individually


A heartwarming story of true gamer fandom here.

Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, creator of the hugely popular Minecraft, has been tweeting about the next-gen consoles on Twitter. After expressing his interesting in the PS4 on his account, none other than Sony’s Adam Boyes got in contact with him to offer him free games. Notch’s response? No thanks.

“I have fun project, a PS4 is waiting for me, it’s Formal Friday at Mojang, and it’s our glöggpremiär. It’s going to be the best day ever” Persson initially posted.

Boyes cut in with: “send me a list of games you want and I’ll see what I can do!”

“I want to buy it myself legitimately! Games is too personal for me, I want to feel like “it’s mine”. 😀 But omg <3″  Persson’s reply read.

Persson has become a hugely-respected figure in the gaming industry in recent years for stories just like this. And it’s clear to see why when he turns own free games to have the chance to buy them himself.

Source: Twitter

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  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    good guy Notch 🙂

  • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

    Pro-tip to the author : learn to proof read.

  • Guest

    Good thing that Notch realized the mediocrity in the $0NÂ¥ PauperStat10n Foul’s lineup and doesn’t fall for bribes like all the pauperfans.

  • Guest

    This is good that he doesn’t take bribes like the desperate PauperStation boys (like Jason Mounce) with their PoSN+. Boyes is desperate too, because he’ll be watching his paupercompany burn in hell soon enough.

  • BanditZA

    *turns down

  • LightningBoltAction

    He misunderstood what Adam Boyes said at first. Adam was asking what games he want to get ported to PS4. So notch later changed his answer on his tweeter feed and said “Half Life 3”

    • Iramohs

      Why the hell would you play Half Life 3 on a console?

  • Jason Mounce

    Stay classy, Notch.

  • Daniel Dorestant

    Respect (Meanwhile Sessler was crying for free consoles)

  • Tyler Durden



    • KetchupBlood

      The difference between the 3 of us is that Notch is a successful millionaire, and us two, we are jealous gamers, that trolls sites, but I admit it, while you don’t

      • Tyler Durden

        I don’t need money. I make soap and lead a world-renowned organization.

        • MrChipdiggity

          your not supposed to talk about it esp on the internets

          • Tyler Durden

            It’s my life’s work. If some pretentious buffoon with bitch tits wants to show the internet how humble he is, then I can tell everyone how humble I am. We’re EVEN.