When Google Glass first launched it was a requirement that you made a trek to one of Google’s offices in either Los Angeles or New York, of course that wasn’t always easy for everyone — but if you’re willing to spend $1,500 on a product not yet ready for consumers, you probably found a way to make it.

Now however, you don’t have to, with Google’s recent expansion, allowing existing Glass users to invite up to three friends, opening up the doors to get your Google Glass shipped directly to your door. Whilst this is much more convenient, Google doesn’t want you to miss out on the personal touch — with the company turning to its own Hangouts service to give users a one-to-one guide on how to use Google Glass.

Android Central’s own Phil Nickinson said that according to a Google employee who telephoned him to book his Hangout with a ‘Glass Guide’ the whole process takes around 45 minutes, in which new Glass users will learn how to get the most out of their new toys.

Jordan O'Brien

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