Network says EE signal issues due to upgrade work


Everything Everywhere has said work upgrading its network may have caused the signal issues customers have been reporting.

What Mobile reported last week that the operator had several complaints on its Facebook page regarding 3G signal outages, with the company tweeting it was aware of problems affecting customers in Devon and Cornwall.  On its Facebook page, Everything Everywhere (EE) recommended customers in Devon and Plymouth to switch devices off and on, and change their network mode from 3G to GSM only.

However there have been complaints since of issues with signal from some customers.

EE said it had been carrying out upgrade work on its network in London and the UK, installing new 2G and 3G equipment and integrating Orange and T-Mobile networks into EE’s single network and preparing for its “double-speed” 4G.

“Some of this work may have caused isolated disruption to services as we continue to enhance the overall performance of the network. We’re sorry for short term inconvenience caused as we continue to make EE the best network in the UK.”

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  • sam

    Whenever I travel from one city to another or one part of london to another , my t mobile phone loses connection. It still seems connected to t mobile , EE or orange network but when some one calls or i try to call out , or do when I do web browsing , it says phone is not connected. Switching off and on fixes the problem. My phone works fine other networks so I think the problem is with EE network as it seems seamless roaming still does not work on EE network and my phone keeps on showing EE, Tmobile and Orange logos and fails to connect when I move out of one signal area to another.

  • Steve

    I live in West Yorkshire and have both ee signal and 3G issues. I can not get a signal in my house despite having the shop check my signal where it says it should be excellent.

  • Mary

    I have had no signal for the past 4 days, living in Kent but have been commuting a lot and even in different areas of the country the signal is still poor. 3G is still going strong however?!

  • Unhappyeeuser

    I live in Cornwall and the signal has been terrible for the last 5 weeks!!! EE need to get their act together!

  • Martin

    Since Tuesday been getting intermittent problems receiving a call on EE with iPhone 5 can do everything else have roughly spent 3hrs on phone to EE listening basically to a load of bull it was bad enough not getting 4g properly but not being able to receive calls is not acceptable have had to turn off 4G spoke to a manager who said this problem is on iphone5 and SG4. Not happy just want to leave!

  • Stu

    I have had no 3g for 5 days ee giving no explanation each person saying something different and then say your 3g coverage for your area is week i no what thr coverage is life iv been using 8gb a month data and im in the west mids

  • Alex

    I have been experiencing intermittent EE coverage in Liverpool for about the last fortnight and absolutely NO signal since the early hours of this morning. Local EE shop says 'masts being upgraded' but little or nothing from the EE website/Facebook or Twitter pages. I'm giving them until Saturday then going down the route of cancelling my contract, this is unacceptable service.

  • Dave

    I live in Streatham Hill in south London and have had little or no coverage from EE for the past 5 weeks. They say its due to them upgrading the network but it really is getting beyond a joke. I get no service whatsoever inside my flat!

  • David Beaton

    We have 300 users on Orange/EE and had disrupted service in Devon and Cornwall for 4 days – we were told by Orange that the disruption was due to an IP address on a server being misconfigured. I wouldn't call their outage "Isolated disruption" i'd call it a complete lack of upgrade planning and appalling PR.

  • Greg

    We have a mobile phone shop on the Wirral and we are having some complaints from our T-Mobile/Orange customers. They are being supplied with a femtocell but which helps but EE needs to get things sorted out sharpish