Motorola: Why queue for an iPad 2? Order a Xoom from home


As the queues are growing outside Apple stores throughout the UK, Motorola is suggesting the Xoom as an alternative to the iPad 2.

Although the Xoom hasn’t been given a formal release date, Motorola has teased us by saying “It will be in your hot little hands sooner than you think…”. Assuming we don’t think that this will be in about 15 minutes, we have to hope it will be pretty soon.

In fact, according to the websites below, where you can now pre-order, it will be out in the first week of April. Is Motorola going to make this April 1st then?

You can read Motorola’s release below, as we think it was quite amusing in its attempt to rain on the Apple’s parade. It also has links to where you can pre-order a Xoom, should you prefer Android over iOS.

Somehow, we can’t see many people leaving their place in the queue if they’ve made up their mind already – but well done for trying.

Not keen to waste the finest weather we’ve had in ages waiting in queue? Idea of surviving overnight on mundane take-away with some frankly questionable queue buddies leave you cold?

Fear not friends, ditch the winter coat, head out for a pint and pre-order your Motorola XOOM online instead!

Some of the features on XOOM we’re particularly proud of?

  • First to market with Google’s Android tablet specific software – Honeycomb 3.0
  • A super-fast dual-core 1 GHz processor which is twice as speedy as any tablet currently on the market
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 providing unrestricted access to Flash sites, videos and games
  • Access to most of the whopping 150,000 apps available through the Android Marketplace, with more tablet specific apps being added everyday
  • HD display – rendering movies in 16:9 format
  • Tabbed browsing, bookmark sync, and more for a desktop-like web experience
  • 5MP rear-facing camera with dual LED flash that captures video in HD
  • 1GB of DDR2 RAM memory

Head to Carphone WarehousePC World or Currys now for the civilized way to get your hands on 2011 hottest tablet (From £499.99 for 32GB model). It will be in your hot little hands sooner than you think…

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  • Annoyed at Motorola

    "It will be in your hot little hands sooner than you think…" Is that some kind of joke on Motorola's part? Given the previously stated release date was the 9th of April, I just got told by Carphone Warehouse that it is now not shipping until the 19th. It feels like Motorola want to abuse their customers. I am *highly* unimpressed… I very much wanted a Xoom, but am now pondering cancelling my order.

  • The iTards

    Bill Gates,

    I have 3 kids and my flabby wife will not allow me to buy a superfluous device like the iPad. Since I chose to copulate so rigorously, I cannot populate lines with you. Good day sir.

  • Bill Gates

    @ iTard

    You're wrong. 70% of iPad 2 buyers are new customers that didn't own the first-gen iPad.

    Sounds to me like you are either envious or piss poor.

  • The iTards

    The iFans that get in line for iProducts are doing it because they are just "off." They won't buy any other products unless it has a bitten apple logo on it–then they will buy it no matter what it is–70% of ipad purchasers are already in the "apple ecosystem" and the majority standing in line are upgrading from the first iPad, apparently it was that bad and it can't last more than a year even with apple fanatics.

    The rest of the world watches and laughs at these iTards, then purchase the device of their choosing at their leisure.