As we reported in April, the exclusive-to-Orange Motorola ATRIX has gone on sale today, with a special introductory ‘Work and Play Kit’ bundle and discounts on the optional Laptop Dock.

The Motorola ATRIX (pictured right with the optional Laptop Dock) can be purchased free of charge on a £35 a month tariff over two years, including 600 minutes of calls, 750MB mobile data, 50 multimedia messages and unlimited texts and Wi-Fi.

A ‘Work and Play Kit’ for £49.99 (standard SRP £129.99) is available that comprises a remote control, mouse, HD Multimedia dock and keyboard. The Multimedia dock itself features three USB ports and an HDMI output.

The ‘Lapdock’, weighing 1.1Kg, adds a separate 11.6-inch screen, keyboard, trackpad and secondary battery that offers eight hours of battery life, using the ATRIX as the processor that slots in at the back. It has a SRP of £299.99 but is available at a reduced price on selected tariffs.

A special price plan, Panther Extra 60, will include free tethering, 3,000 minutes of calls, 1GB data, unlimited texts and Wi-Fi.

Business customers can also get the Motorola ATRIX with a free Lapdock on the Solo 55 price plan.

The handset itself uses the Android operating system and has a 1GHz dual-core processor, qHD display (540×960 pixels), biometric fingerprint reader and heavy duty battery. It also includes Motorola’s webtop application that brings key apps to the big screen, when using one of the above accessories.

As part of Everything Everywhere, T-Mobile will also be able to sell the ATRIX from June.

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