In what now seems like a daily occurrence, another replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has erupted in flames.

A woman from Dee Decasa in Honolulu, Hawaii received a replacement handset from the South Korean tech giant after the global recall in September. She had only been using the device for a day when it began smoking in her hand. Footage filmed inside her house showed the woman walking around with it in her hand, when the device suddenly catches fire. Despite the incident, she remained unharmed. This latest report comes after an estimated 90 handsets have exploded across the United States.

Samsung has officially stopped production of the Galaxy Note 7, citing customer safety as their absolute top priority. All handsets will be recalled, including replacement models first thought to not have the issue. Various tests have done by safety officials in an attempt to find the cause, though it’s still currently unknown. Applied Energy Hub battery laboratory in Singapore found that when pressure is applied to a fully charged Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it causes the handset to spontaneously explode. However, they also said that this test would probably yield the same result if applied to any other mobile handset.

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