Developer Madfinger has announced that popular mobile gaming title Dead Trigger 2 will no longer be supported on Windows Phone devices.

A reader for website Windows Central emailed Madfinger firsthand asking if the game was due to be updated, after new versions launched on both Android and iOS.

The man received a pretty disappointing reply, which seems to be all too common in the Windows Phone ecosystem. It reads:

“Unfortunately we have to announce that Dead Trigger 2 will no longer be supporting Windows Phones and Amazon. You will be able to continue your adventure on Facebook, Android or iOS provided you log into your account. We have also sent this message to all players as an in-game message. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to see you in our future games.”

Dead Trigger 2 will be unavailable soon

While the game is currently available in the Windows Store, it hints at the possibility that the title will most likely be taken down in the coming weeks. That said, people who already have the title installed should still be able to play it, they just won’t enjoy any new updates.

The title first launched way back on Windows Phone 8.1 but was never released on the desktop version of the store.

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