NavFree; free navigation for iPhone and iPad


Navmii has today launched NavFree, a totally free turn-by-turn navigation app for iPhone and iPad, using community based map data.

My using completely free map data provided by OpenStreetMap, stored on the device, NavFree requires no data downloading on the move.

Users will be able to contribute to the ongoing success of NavFree, by providing feedback on the maps to correct errors and add new routes.

Extra information can be purchased from within the app to add safety cameras, petrol prices and traffic information.

NavFree is compatible with the iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad. Available initially for UK & Ireland, with further releases to cover other regions later.

More information:

  • Juancal7

    I have a 3G Ipod and this appl can take me up to 1 or 2 miles before getting stuck .. I understand since there's no wi- fi available the application stops ..I wondering if there is another way to keep all the data as you go along the way?

  • davespod

    Hmm…the web site doesn't mention NavFree at all, but rather an iPhone app for £19.99!