The latest version of WhatsApp beta now has GIF support, letting users send their own collection of weird and funny videos!

It’s been rumoured for a while but the latest version of WhatsApp beta now has the option to attach GIFS! It’s something that we’ve all wanted for a while and was hinted in earlier builds. Clever hackers dug into the code to find remnants of the feature, which is available from today.

Version 2.16.293 of WhatsApp beta finally adds the third GIFs tab when attaching a media file from the Gallery, next to Photos and Videos. From there, you’ll be able to access all animated GIFs located in your gallery. With a bit of luck, they may even add Giphy support in a later update.

WhatsApp beta GIF is not actually a GIF

When you pick the file, WhatsApp will provide a preview in the chat window, much like everything else. When you’ve made your choice, it will then compress the file into an MP4, which uses much less data to transfer. Technically, you’re sending a small video rather than an actual GIF.

The feature is available now to beta users and will likely roll out to the public in the next big update.

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