Ubeeqo is a new car rental service that aims to bring the entire process together in one secure, simple application.

When you live in a big city such as London, you don’t really need to own a car. With the wealth of transport links and services at your disposal, it’s far easier to grab the tube. For those who want a taxi, you simply grab an Uber or hail a black cab.

Owned by Europcar, Ubeeqo wants to change this by offering an easy car rental scheme that appeals to young professionals and those in need of quick access to transport. The application recently launched on Android and iOS with the backing of several big rental companies such as Matcha. It covers the three main ways of vehicle transportation in a big city: Short and long term rentals plus minicabs.

Using the application is fairly straightforward. You simply type in the details of what you want and Ubeeqo will provide you with a list of vehicles in your area. Short-term rentals can be achieved entirely within the application, with a selection of cars in self-service mode ready to be picked up nearby. For longer rentals, you’ll still need to go down the more traditional route and go into the store. Transactions are all done within the application using a secure payment service and there’s also a customer service team should you need additional help.

Ubeeqo suits the young professional


Interestingly, the minicab service feels quite similar to Uber where you can input your location and find a ride. It’s not quite as seamless, with bookings needing to happen a bit in advance first. There’s also only one real minicab service currently supported and it happens to be the rather expensive Addison Lee. We suppose if you want to arrive in style, it makes sense.

While some of the features have admittedly already been done in other applications (and better), it’s the short-term rental service that could really set this apart. Being able to quickly rent a car and go pick it up without even needing to visit a dealer is very convenient and could be useful for those short-notice spontaneous trips.

Ubeeqo is still in its early stages, having only being around a few months. Some users have reported verification bugs and other little problems, but we’re sure these will be fixed in later updates. It’s currently available primarily in London and Paris, with more places to follow.

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