Evolving just got easier as the Pokémon Go buddy system goes live today in an update that also prepares players for Pokémon Go Plus.

The update was confirmed a while ago and the buddy system was no secret thanks to some data mining from a vigilant fan. Getting outside and racking up some mileage on your calves was always an essential part to the Pokémon Go experience. Ninatic know that so the developer has changed things up a little.

The new dynamic to the game allows players to select a Pokémon to walk alongside avatars, dropping candy once a set distance has been reached. Once a Pokémon is set, setting another would erase the progress of the previous ‘buddy’. It was previously rumoured your ‘buddy’ would have its own avatar next to yours, similar to how Pikachu hangs out on Ash’s shoulder in the animated series. But that does not seem to be the case at all, instead an indication of the system being active is the player icon on the bottom left.

Pokémon Go Buddy brings a Plus

The update also gets the app ready for wearable, Pokémon Go Plus. Apple Watch users need not to care, but the handy £34.99 wearable is set to be useable once released this week. The wearable will alert trainers when a Pokémon is nearby and Pokéstops can be activated from it. You can get your hands on it this Friday, September 16th. Although it’s currently sold out.

Jailbroken devices will be kicked out of the game with the recent update as spotted by 9to5Mac. Niantic Labs didn’t specify this feature, but CEO John Hanke has expressed previously on how Niantic will be cracking down on cheaters.

The update should be reaching players now, otherwise check the App Store and Play Store to manually download it.

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Image via Pokémon Go Pocket.


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