You read that right, there’s an orgasm alarm clock that aims to make mornings for women a whole lot more bearable. Who needs coffee right?

Little Rooster are introducing to the world, the Little Rooster S. An alarm clock that won’t be sounding off a DEFCON 5 warning to get you out of bed. Instead Little Rooster wants you to “wake sexy” by placing this small vibrating device into underwear at night. The vibrator-alarm clock is non-penetrative, to be placed over the clitoris.

There are 30 levels of intensity to choose from. Once prompted to activate, it will start off at the lowest level – gradually increasing until switched off. If you’re looking to use this but don’t want to wake up your partner, Little Rooster assures the vibrator-alarm clock is silent from levels 0-27. There’s a snooze button if you fancy some more time under the covers.

The Little Rooster S is an upgrade on its predecessor, doing away with a beeping sound that started 20 minutes into a rising.

orgasm alarm clock

Orgasm alarm clock scenario

We think the following conversation will transpire between partners gifting the Little Rooster S:

“I bought you an orgasm alarm clock”

“Come again?”


Pre-ordering the Little Rooster S will set you back £69 ($77.70). Delivery for the UK and US is free, the rest of the world has to fork out £7. It will be shipped out in October.

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