To download iOS 10 or not to download iOS 10? That is the question and a fair one too. We go through the benefits on downloading Apple’s anticipated software upgrade, and the not so good stuff that could happen. 

A fresh update gives your iPhone a fresh lease of life, ridding that impulsive feeling to upgrade your handset (it’ll also set you back more this time).  Apple’s latest software update is looking to be quite impressive and boasts some new features that will get quite a few iOS fans in a state of amazement. Being a change in the numerical order, you’d expect nothing less from the Cupertino giant.

But unfortunately not everyone with an iPhone can enjoy what Apple has envisioned with iOS 10, the major hurdle in the way of that would be hardware. The iPhone 5 is the oldest iPhone compatible with iOS 10, right up to the iPhone 7.

The following Apple devices are also eligible: iPad 4th gen, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4 and iPod touch 6th gen.

Why you shouldn’t download iOS 10

If you’re still rocking an iPhone 5 or 5s, you probably shouldn’t. Updates are designed with more powerful hardware in mind and in previous experience, a new update would slow down your daily driver, hence slowing down your day-to-day needs.

Battery life would no doubt take a hit. With iOS 10 Apple are trying to get more out of third party apps, so you’ll be able to reply directly with WhatsApp, not just with Messages. With third party apps being delved into further, more battery life will be demanded. There’s no way to increase the battery life on your iOS device hardware wise, but you can bring along a cumbersome battery pack.

Early adopters always get stung by new hardware and software. This could be an issue in the early days of iOS 10. Although Apple has worked on iOS 10 since WWDC 2015, bugs will no doubt be present in iOS 10, and will require more time to iron out. In an extreme scenario, your iPhone could restart randomly throughout the day, important apps could cease to work and signal can go up and down, rendering it useless in what it’s meant to do, be a phone.

Why you should download iOS 10

As said earlier it’s a numerical change for iOS and for those that played around with the beta, some excellent features are heading our way.

Siri gets a much needed upgrade and it seems Apple’s aim to make Siri a sentient being, hell bent on wiping out the human race is making some waves. Siri will work with third party apps on a much deeper level. Telling Siri for example to “pick you up” will prompt Siri to open up Uber and book you a cab. This feature wasn’t available in the June beta as third party developers had no access to iOS 10 during its early development. Through customer experience would we really know whether Siri is up there with Google Now.

Quick type sees an improvement for you to fire off emails even quicker, by using Siri. With iOS 10, messages will be analysed contextually, providing you with suitable answers. For example if your friend asks “can we get pizza?” You’ll be given to option of: yes, no, talk later?

System iOS apps are now removable. No longer will your home screen be filled with useless apps that contribute no benefits to your life. Apps such as: stocks, weather, home, iTunes store,c an all be uninstalled. If you’re worried about whether you’ve made the right choice, don’t worry, you can simply re-install them from the App Store.

Apple Maps was widely ridiculed for being inefficient, inaccurate and unreliable. But now Apple are aiming to change all that. You’ll get better Nearby functionality with more points of interest listed and vehicles that support Apple CarPlay get better alternate routes based on traffic. The most notable problem with Apple Maps was the inability to look ahead on your route. With iOS 10 you can zoom in and out of Maps, scrolling as far as you please.

Photos also gets an intimidatingly excellent update, with what Apple are calling “advanced computer vision.” iOS 10 is able to compile an album of photos with just your face in it, but it gets better. It’ll also be able to recognise objects in photos. So you can create a folder of pictures of you holding a cup. Despite the AI-infused deep search Apple reassures privacy protection.

So should you? Shouldn’t you?

If your iOS device is near the bottom of eligible devices, e.g the iPhone 5 or 5s, I wouldn’t recommend it as both are quite old on the tech scale and problems are more likely to arise. Especially if it’s your daily driver needed for work purposes and to slog through the tiresome daily commute.

Those on a more advanced iOS device should definitely go through with it as the benefits are so worth the tiny bugs that will no doubt be present. Apple are usually really good at releasing updates to recitify persistent problems with haste. More so than Android, which sees fragmented updates that are dependent on which manufacturer you’re with.

So that’s it, iOS 10 is out tomorrow on the 13th of September. Download iOS 10 of your own volition and let us know what you think in the comments.

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