There is a bounty out on the teenage HTC M8 video leaker, HTC want legal action


Liberty comes at a cost. We are lucky to live in a world where so many are willing to make personal sacrifices for both our personal freedoms, and the freedom of knowledge. Edward Snowden. Julian Assange. And now, Roshan Jamkatel, a teenage YouTuber who may have just invoked the legal wrath of smartphone giants HTC.

Young Roshan recorded an incredibly lengthy and detailed video in which the unreleased sequel to the HTC One, the M8, was fully and thoroughly critiqued. Jamkatel even went to the effort of attempting to hide the device’s unique IMEI code so as to prevent it being identified. Unfortunately he clearly forgot that YouTube video can actually be paused, so whilst he attempts to hide the phone’s various barcodes and details, the (numerous) times he lets them slip are there for all to see.

Phone companies have always come off as remarkably blasé whenever new images or footage of their unreleased handsets leak. Perhaps that’s largely down to their intractability, as this time HTC has smelt blood, and poor Jamkatel will most likely soon have their legal sharks knocking down his door.

In a dialogue which has since been deleted, Global Communications Manager for HTC Jeff Gordon lets the kid know just what’s about to go down:

HTC:Leaker Twitter Dialogue

What’s even scarier is a recent post on social content-aggregator Reddit, informing users of an alleged bounty on the handset. A bounty of $10,000. The informant even says there are rumours that the person behind the bounty is representing a rival phone company. Take these rumours with a pinch of salt (not just of the nature of the buyer, but of the existence of the bounty itself), but it’s not hugely beyond the realm of possibility.

The Reddit post is below, make sure to click it to enlarge. We’ve blurred Jamkatel’s more personal details for obvious reasons:

Roshan Jamkatel bounty

Perhaps rather ironically, it would seem that Gordon’s blunt response has done more for the profile and the legitimacy of the leak than anything else ever could (it’s called the Streisand Effect).

Hopefully this means an end to the relentless stream of HTC M8 leaks we’ve had over the past month. The product seen in the video below seems like a retail-ready product. Take it all in, and spare a thought for the poor man who has sacrificed himself for your technological liberties.

  • Paul Duncan

    Youre no jounalist. Dont quit your day job. “The post was made to a 5k sub, got all of two upvotes, and was removed for posting personal information (in addition to OP getting shadowbanned.)”

  • soloflyer12

    ” Unfortunately he clearly forgot that YouTube video can actually be paused”

  • Mark Caiger-Watson

    Why has nobody spotted that this whole thing is a PR campaign! HTC have included this video and all other “leaks” into its pre-promotional campaign. You didn’t think this was real did you? Its a pantomime everybody!

    • john horsley

      I think if that was the case… They would of used a phone that actually worked and didn’t crash every ten seconds. Excellent pr that.

  • robsa walker

    You make it sound like the lad has done some comprehensive review of the M8, when in fact it was the worlds worst video of what is clearly a pre-production handset, failing to go into detail about pretty much anything.

    I have to say I feel sorry for HTC as it looks like a fantastic handset

  • SSpeedracer

    BS! Zoomed in with Final Cut Pro and can see reflection of at least three production crew members. Watching it several times and I wouldnt be surprised if audio is dubbed.

    HTC shit attempt at viral payed off. Besides, it’s a shitty phone so who cares?

    • brian

      What a load of BS, I watched the video and clearly say one kid filming with a regular video camera of some sort.

    • robsa walker

      How can one person string together so much rubbish in one single post?

  • Irwin

    Misleading title. I thought reddit had a bounty on the kid who leaked it but it seems to be a bounty on the phone itself.

  • Suchy

    This whole Jeff Gordon guy cannot into PR. Writing like this to a kid won’t result in anything good for their marketing.

  • Youre My Boy Bloo

    And yet no one has figured out what the hell that second camera is for!

    • eNaRDe

      If the kid wasn’t retarded we probably would have all known by now what the second camera was for.

    • Finley Field

      Dual-Capture mode you tards. You can simultaneously capture video and photo and see both feeds on one screen.

      • JohnWalker10

        Um, you can take photos while recording a video on pretty much most new phones for quite a while. Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 5 have had it. You know he means the 2 cameras on the back right? the dual capture thing is where you can see the front and back cam at the same time like you can on Samsung phones. That has nothing to do with the 2 cameras on the back.

      • Youre My Boy Bloo

        Are you kidding, did you even see the video? When he went into Dual Capture mode it did the same thing Samsung phones do and popped up a window showing the front facing camera’s image over the rear camera’s image. Nothing he did indicated that the alternate backside camera was in use at any point during the video… Unless there is something I missed.

      • Nocturnal


    • caleb hatere

      capturing and renndering a 3d image better. Not the first time ive seen this.

    • Felipe13

      It’s for better focusing as seen in the video and I would guess for motion correction too.