It turns out that Apple fans are a bunch of gold diggers – the gold model of the iPhone 5s, on sale today, has been selling so well that the company has already upped its production of them.

As we reported this morning, the availability of this particular colour was pushed back to October within about 30 minutes of it going on sale. Since then, Apple has requested suppliers up its production of the device by as much as a third. While Apple’s own outlets are out stock, retailers are also said to be selling out very quickly, although their initial stock was said to be quite low in the first place. Of course, the device is still available in other colours like silver. But that’s not gold, is it? It’s like one down from gold. We can’t have that.

There’s also no white model anymore. Instead, the last colour is a simple slate grey. That’s not even worth considering.

You’ll have to wait until next month if you have your heart set on a gold iPhone 5s, then.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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