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    Microsoft’s newest fitness wearable is now on sale but is it a substantial improvement over its predecessor?

    Microsoft really believes that wearables are the future. They’ve banked quite heavily on fitness devices with lots of sensors and the band 2 is their next iteration of this. Retailing at £199, it’s by no means cheap but offers more sensors than any other device currently on the market. The main question is, has it solved the issues that plagued the original?

    Technical Details

    OS Custom Windows Phone OS

    Number of Sensors 11

    Processor N/A

    Screen 1.26 x 0.50 inches

    Resolution 320 x 128 pixels

    Memory N/A

    Storage N/A

    Connectivity Bluetooth

    Dimensions 159 x 78 x 7.3 mm

    Weight 56g

    Battery 48 hours

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