• Here at What Mobile, we have covered many iPhone Cases since Apple brought out the iPhone X, XS, XS Max & XR. A Special Mention goes to CASETIFY.

    They have brought out a classy and cool range of cases that will make your iPhone super cool with semi – Transparent  Nude Designs are the best match for Apple’s bold colour options. What makes these even better is they are 2x military-grade certified cases.

    The Cases also have the following features:

    • Dual layer construction, engineered in our trademark QiTech™ material
    • Completely customizable with millions of designs, in a scratch-proof high gloss finish
    • Literally built to be dropped, with 6.6ft drop protection and shock absorption

    Here a taste of some of the fantastic designs available:

    iPhone XR:

    Sun moon stars white galaxy- £30


    Neon Sand Liquid Case- £35- Give this Case a shake its so cool

    iPhone X/ Xs cases:

    Fancy a slim and sleek phone case for your iPhone Xs? We’ve got you covered. Our snap iPhone Xs case is designed to be only 1.5mm slim – so let’s just say, it’s minimalism at its finest. It features a raised lip to keep your screen safe at all times and a smooth, hard exterior to safeguard your iPhone Xs from any minor scratches, drops and dust.


    Red poppies- £30

    Castle- £19

    For more cases check out Casetify who offers a wide range of designs for either the Apple or Samsung latest models. Check out https://www.casetify.com. 

    Stephen Watson

    Stephen Watson

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    Stephen Watson
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