Vodafone offering Sure Signal for £20


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Femtocell: A word that is probably alien to most people. However, Vodafone took the plunge and launched one last year, giving people a perfect 3G signal at home or work. Now you can bag one for just £20.

All you need is a router and a broadband connection. Then, a Sure Signal will act as a mobile base station, giving you and other approved handsets (which must all be on the Vodafone network) solid signal quality in and around your home or office, including mobile data.

It’s ideal for people living in areas where coverage is poor, or there are regular congestion issues.

More info: Vodafone Sure Signal – enter the voucher code ‘VSS20‘ to get £30 off and pay just £20!

UPDATE; The code was limited to 2,000 sales and they’ve all gone – so unless they extend it, it goes to show that you need to act quick on these things! However, even for £50, we can still recommend one for anyone in a poor signal area.

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  • HUKD'er

    Read all 4000 comments in this thread on Hot UK Deals, where you will quickly realise why the sure signals sold quite as fast as they did, and how Vodafone have made a major mess of the whole situation over the last week – this is a news story for you in itself!

  • VFBusiness Customer

    I got 4 of these ordered yesterday and delivered today after calling customer services and explaining the offer. 4 x VF Sure Signals delivered next day for £80. Cant go wrong there.

  • mst3k

    Not working any more!!!!!! Vodafone stopped the code working!!!!!!!

    • jonmorris

      They apparently had 2,000 to sell at the discounted rate, so they must have sold in record time! We will update the story.