iPhone 5 release date October 5 in UK?


There are fresh rumours that Apple will hold a press conference on October 4th to announce a new iPhone and a UK launch on October 5th

The speculation is driven by a recent comment from Apple board member Al Gore who said “new iPhones are coming out next month. That was a plug”. Speaking in South Africa, the fact that Gore mentioned ‘iPhones’ in the plural sense has increased speculation that Apple will announce iPhone 5 alongside a new version of the iPhone 4, perhaps smaller and cheaper to appeal to a wider market as rivals such as Samsung advance on the Android phone market.

However, recent reports from US analysts Wedge Partners suggest that a 2012 iPhone 5 launch date is likely and say that Apple will reveal a 3G iPod Touch to bolster iTunes sales across an increasingly connected marketplace as music sharing service Spotify links with Facebook and Android devices.

Apple have also informed all Apple Store employees that they cannot take holiday during the first two weeks of October which all but confirms the UK launch window for a new Apple product…

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  • george stewart

    with all that speculation its no wonder isold the i phone 6 for a 2litre boattle of frost jacks cider call me somtime when you dafties can actually agree on a phone that works or it that just an upgrade young buggerer.

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  • whistle1111


  • Amir


  • Sounds more concrete than the usual speculation and rumor mills. If I have enough money left over from the cheapest version I will have to save it in anticipation for the next release. Or I could just spend the change from my apple fix on a new rug.