The flagship Gionee S10 will be the first smartphone to feature two front cameras when it is unveiled in China later this May.

Chinese smartphone company Gionee is gearing up for the launch of their upcoming flagship, the Gionee S10. The handset is set to feature four cameras, which is very rare on a smartphone. The last device which tried this was the Amazon Fire Phone… and we all know how that turned out.

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If you’re hoping for a four sensor rear camera, you’re out of luck. The Gionee S10 will feature two sensors on each side. This includes a dual-sensor front camera, which is a world first. We’re unaware of any handset which has done this thus far. This will allow selfie takers to manually adjust aperture for maximum bokeh. This could be a big feature for users who want those arty profile pics where the background is washed out.

Other features expected on the Gionee S10 include a 1080p IPS screen, Octa core processor, 4GB RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat. The design looks to be very similar to Apple iPhone handsets, with a unibody build that curves around the edges. The front appears to be a glass, with a fingerprint sensor positioned below the screen. It’s also expected to ship with a 3D Touch Display, which will allow navigation via different levels of pressure.

The smartphone is due to be announced on May 26th at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center.

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