• The latest LG V30 promotional video features Joseph Gordon Levitt testing out the video mode with friends around a table.

    The LG V30 marketing campaign is currently in full swing and the company is releasing various little videos to document the capabilities of the camera. Most of these videos are cropping up on YouTube, with the latest using actor and celebrity Joseph Gordon Levitt to demonstrate what can be done with the video mode. In the clip, we can see him sat around a table with friends filming a meal, in addition to other shots of various other having a good time using cine video and the various live lenses on offer.

    As you’re already aware, the LG V30 features a pretty powerful video mode which allows LOG capture and a full manual suite. Since this is the primary selling point of the device, it makes sense that LG would be pushing these features first above all else.

    The video finishes by reminded viewers that the handset ships with a free Google Daydream View, in addition to LG’s exclusive two year warranty. Check the video out for yourselves and see what you think.

    Thomas Wellburn

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    Thomas Wellburn
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