• The House of Marley positive 2 Wireless Headphones from £36.99 available in Silver, Black & Denim.

    We were lucky to receive the House of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless headphones recently and on the first inspection, they look great really nice really nice package which makes you think you got a quality item here for a small price.

    I have reviewed these over the last week using them on my commute to work and also while I was in the Gym. Personally, I prefer earbuds compared to these on-ear headphones but these did not disappoint.  Overall I would say you get an excellent sound quality that gives a really nice sound and the bass really does shine through . I also find you get no sound leakage whatsoever which is great when doing the commute as I don’t want everyone knowing am listening to the Greatest Showman Album.

    Power wise one charge gives you 12 hours of listening time which is better compared to my current headphone of choice and the added bonus they give you a cable to switch from Bluetooth to cable headphones which is great if the power runs out and you’re on the move.

    What I also found great is with over on-ear headphones i have used in the past. I find they really make my ears hot and sweaty, however, with these headphones no such problem as the materials used allow air to flow which I find great as sweaty headphones are no fun. I also found using these in the gym were also great they did not fall off and did not cut out like I have had with other headphones in the past. The remote control allows me to change tracks while on the treadmill and not killing myself lol.

    In terms of the style of these headphones, are really helping the environment as they are made recycled sources which makes you feel you’re giving back. The earphone cups are aluminium and not plastic which is what i would of expected from headphones under £50 pounds.  The headband padding is topped with fabric which adds to the comfort. These headphones come in 3 colours Silver, Black & Denim.

    Price wise from £36 they are a great find for headphones in this price range and with the sustainable materials used and built-in remote they were a great find.  Available from Argos or HMV Online.

    Stephen Watson

    Stephen Watson

    Head of What Mobile Magazine at Clark White Publishing Ltd
    When Stephen not fighting crime on the streets of Gotham City. He is reviewing top tech and letting you know what to buy next.

    This guy also sells all the advertising space of Mobile News Magazine (B2B) and advertising space on here What Mobile (B2C).
    Stephen Watson
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