• The Doro 8020X is the smartphone that steps out of the senior bracket but this time create a phone for the lone worker market so as you can guess some of the features you come to expect on a senior phone have stayed but without the senior style and look.  

    On first impressions, this looks like any other rugged phone on the market in which I mean if you dropped the phone you would expect it to handle the fall and keep calm and carry on. That is exactly what this phone does this phone would not look out of place on a building site due to its rugged design and feel. The 8020X is not only shock-resistant its also dust and water resistant and IP67 rating.  

    The Spec:

    Operating System: Android 6.0

    Processor: Quad-Core 4

    Screen: 11.4 cm

    Resolution: 720 x 1280

    Memory: 1GB

    Internal Memory: 8GB

    External Memory: 128 GB with Micro SD

    Waterproof: YES

    Rear Camera: 5 MegaPixel

    Front Camera: Single

    Battery Capacity: 3000mAH

    Manufacture View

    STAY ACTIVE. STAY SMART. If you want a smartphone that can take just about anything your active lifestyle can dish out, then you’ll love the durable Doro 8020X. The waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant design means you don’t have to worry about dropping it in a muddy puddle or on a sandy beach while trying to take that perfect outdoor photo. Use it in the rain, and even rinse it off under the tap if you need to. And like any Android smartphone, you can use it with all your favourite apps. Waterproof Dustproof Shock resistant.

    What We Say

    The Doro 8020X like the 8035 which we have recently reviewed shares some of the same features that Doro are known for like the assistance button that can be used to gain help and can be connected up to 5 pre-programmed contacts by sending a text with your current GPS and will dial the numbers in order till someone answers. I think this is great for the more adventure hungry user.  

    The Main Features apart from the assistance button this phone has is Safety timer for these lone workers who might need an alarm to activate if they are still off the grid after a long period of time and will inform one of your friends or family to let them know you need help.

    Apart from that its got all the basics you come to expect from a Smartphone but with the rugged look and feel this is phone designed for the lone worker or a senior with a taste of the outdoors as with its easy to handle set up and use.

    The Battery, in my opinion, is the best feature with 3000 mAH you can expect around a day and half of usage. Which for its intended use the lone worker or senior who loves the outdoors its ideal.

    Cost wise at £220 I think its good price for the market Doro is attracting and all the features offered for the lone worker or senior that wants something a little different. 

    My only negative on this phone is I was not overly keen on the rugged design I thought it made the phone look like a cheap rugged device and with the plastic used I would not be surprised if after a while, it’s broke.  However, If your looking for a phone with the features of a Doro but with the android system running inside this is the phone for you.

    Available for £220 from Doro.co.uk

    Stephen Watson

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    Stephen Watson
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