• Research reveals 84% of smartphone users don’t have insurance cover

    • Nearly a third of Brits admit to having lost their smartphone

    • Nightclub revealed as the most likely place to lose your phone


    A new study has revealed that Brits are at risk of losing £2.02bn* by not having their smartphone insured.

    The research**, conducted by smartphone retailer, Envirofone, revealed that nearly a third (31%) of Brits have lost their phone more than once, with over one in ten (10%) admitting to losing at least three of their phones in the past.

    Yet only one in five (19%) smartphone users opt to insure their handset and those that do have to fork out an average of £56.48 in insurance excess if they lose their phone.

    Those aged 18-25 are most likely to lose their mobile phone, with more than a quarter (26%) confessing to losing three or more phones, higher than any other age group. This could end up being a costly mistake for many young smartphone users as they are also less likely to take out insurance, with only 11% taking out insurance policies on their gadgets.

    Envirofone’s study also looked into the places Brits are most likely to lose their phone, with nightclubs coming out on top. More than 5.75 million (5,751,189) Brits admit to having lost mobile phone on a night out, while nearly 4 million (3,981,593) confess to losing their phone when at work.

    Public transport (3,539,193), on holiday (3,096,794) and at school or university (1,769,596) were also listed in the top 10 most common places to lose a phone.

    Envirofone’s research revealed that the top 10 places Brits lose their phones are:

    1. Nightclub

    2. At work

    3. Public transport

    4. On holiday

    5. At school or university

    6. Restaurant

    7. On the roof of a car

    8. Gym

    9. Airport security

    10. Plane

    Commenting on the research, Denise Timmis, head of online at Envirofone, said: “Our mobile phones carry so much of not only our personal information but our photographs and videos, so losing your phone can be very stressful, as well as expensive.

    “We recommend backing up your photos and videos, as well as getting phone insurance to help soften the blow if you do lose or break your phone!”

    Envirofone now offers insurance and all handsets bought through their website. For more information on Envirofone, please visit: https://www.envirofone.com/en-gb

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