Vodafone launches 80 smartphone for everyone


Vodafone will launch its own-brand Android smartphone, the Vodafone Smart, aimed at prepay users. The phone goes on sale in the UK, Germany and Italy for 80 (90) later in the summer.

The handset, manufactured by Huawei, comes with Android 2.2, a capacitive touchscreen display, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

It will be available in a range of colours, with customers able to further customise the phone with one-off covers produced via the web. The network plans to offer spring/summer and autumn/winter cover ranges so customers can build up a cover collection.

In addition to the exterior Vodafone branding, the handset will also include Vodafone’s ‘prepay manager’ app for quick top-ups, as well as the Vodafone Music app and an ‘Updates’ widget that highlights the latest Android Market apps and other services picked by Vodafone editors.


Update: We have been told that Orange will also release this handset, obviously with Orange branding, later in the year.